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Quality Objection

March 28, 2017

My objections to the Trump presidency, like my objections to his candidacy, are not rooted in politics, but in something more fundamental: Qualifications and Experience.

Donald J. Trump seems not to have any clear political philosophy guiding him.  To the extent he has any philosophy at all, it seems to be narcissistic:  Trump first, second, and third.  In fourth place is anyone or anything willing or able to serve his first three priorities.

This makes for a Presidency open to manipulation by a variety of bad actors.  His very lack of political experience or other mitigating qualifications, combined with his lack of any sort of principled vision of governance , opens our country to attack from within and without.


Invade Mexico?

February 3, 2017

Acquaintances who are not as disturbed by the 2017 White House inhabitant say that he is a negotiator*.  Hence his pronouncements should be seen as opening positions in an ongoing negotiation.

We have reports that on a “make nice again” call with the Mexican President, he threatened to send American troops in to help clean up the “bad hombres”.

This is his opening position?  What does he want?

My guess is, either he was just reacting petulantly to some perceived slight, or else he is laying the groundwork for why we need to take over Mexico as a US colony.


* This is problematic because the world need not be a zero sum game.